rejected movie sequels, vol 2

More movie sequels that never made the cut…

Commando II: Going Commando

When John Matrix’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger) former unit commander Colonel Devereaux (Michael Ironside) is kidnapped by a Nicaraguan drug cartel during a covert assassination op, the milquetoast president of the US (Stephen Tobolowsky) refuses to send in troops to free him. Matrix takes matters into his own hands, delving deep into the Central American jungle and eradicating entire jungle camps of mercenaries on a one-man mission to save his friend and mentor. But when he finally finds him, Matrix discovers the ultimate treachery: Devereaux has gone native. When he makes an impassioned plea for Matrix to join his jungle militia-cult and don the ceremonial coca-leaf chest plate in a 48-hour peyote ritual, Matrix is faced with the most difficult decision of his life: how to kill his unit commander.

•     •     •

Arachnophobia 2: Delbert’s Song

In the wake of the Venezuelan spider disaster in tiny Canaima, California, affable exterminator-cum-pitchman Delbert McClintock (John Goodman) has become a local celebrity, adorning billboards and starring in a series of beloved commercials. But when the bloated, seemingly exploded corpse of a local fisherman is found and people start disappearing, McClintock is the first to realize the horrifying truth: the fisherman was the host for a human-spider hybrid now colonizing the town. Teaming with a goth exterminatrix (Kristen Stewart) and the nebbish local sheriff (Adam Scott), McClintock works to eradicate the spider beast, racing against time and an imperious USDA entomologist who may be working a secret agenda (Anthony Mackie).

•     •     •

Short Circuit 3: Grounded Circuit

Johnny 5, alive, has spiraled into obsession. Desperate to feel love for the poetess / robotics philosopher who lives with him (Felicity Huffman), the maniacal cyborg enslaves a cadre of local transients in a dank underground laboratory, forcing them to develop a functional pleasure module to augment his AI. As his fortune dwindles and he draws further into nihilistic obsession, Johnny hatches a scheme to use his sophisticated computer brain to crack the commodities market and fund his research, all while throwing the world economy into disarray. But just before Johnny executes his evil program, Ben (Fisher Stevens) returns to teach him that he already knows what love is.


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