Brain Science

List of all brain-sciencey posts…

  • manic pixie trivia roundup (5/10/2018) - A roundup of manias, panics, hysterias, delusions, and bamboozlements...
  • Automation is not a Glass Cage (3/24/2015) - Recap/review of "The Glass Cage" by Nicholas Carr, in which he argues that automation is poised to cognitively cripple us, and I explain why he's thinking about the brain totally wrong.
  • The Dishonesty of Creativity (4/5/2014) - Does creativity make us dishonest? Does dishonesty make us creative? And what is creativity, anyways?
  • Six Million Dollar Sight? (3/4/2014) - Thoughts on the hopes for superior vision and better baseball through simple computer game vision training. Rob Deer even makes a brief appearance.
  • Emotions, Expressions, and Signals  (2/25/2014) - A new study raises questions about the universality of emotions, and I discuss Franz Boas, empathy, and a network tv drama starring Tim Roth.
  • License to ill (2/10/2014) - At Medium: The mental gymnastics of moral suasion, risk-taking, and buying organic—how we deceive ourselves and rationalize it.
  • your brain on age (1/30/2014) - Link: your brain on age posted at Medium, thoughts on what happens to an aging brain, and whether those changes are all that bad.
  • rigged trivia roundup (10/23/2013) - A roundup of the trivial, featuring 18th-century lottery hacking, equatorial expeditions, kool-aid, pavlov and his dogs, a guy named twitmeyer, and pioneering but clashing female physicians...
  • an undersea mass sponge migration (1/9/2013) - Review/recap of "Ghost Hunters" by Deborah Blum. A story of spiritualism, con-men, scientists, seances, and mediums. And, possibly, communication with the ethereal plane.

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